Market Open On Saturday 2 March 2024

Market Open On Saturday 2 March 2024

 Clearing and settlement timings for the special live trading session on 02-Mar-2024

The market timings in the Equity & F&O segments with an intra-day switchover from the Primary site to the Disaster Recovery site are as follows:

Trading Sessions (March 02, 2024) Start Time End Time
Live trading session-1 9:15 AM 10 AM
Live trading session-2 11:30 AM 12:30 PM

Please note:

  • The trading will be closed  from 10 AM to 11:15 PM
  • Pre-Open for the first session is from 9:00 AM to 9:08 AM
  • Pre-Open for the second session is from 11:15 AM to 11:23 AM and the closing session will be from 12:40 PM to 12:50 PM

Market Open On Saturday 2 March 2024

You are requested to note that the Exchanges shall shift their operation from the Primary Site (PR) to the Disaster Recovery site (DR) on the timings given as per NSE and BSE in their circulars. This exercise is being conducted based on specific discussions with SEBI and their Technical Advisory Committee to assess the preparedness of Market Infrastructure Institutions (MIIs)  to handle any unforeseen event impacting their operations and to restore operations from the DR Site.

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Market Open On Saturday 2 March 2024 For Payouts & Settlements, please note 

  • All orders placed on Friday, 1st March 2024 in the Equity and Derivative segment will be settled on Monday, 4th March 2024.
  • The funds from shares sold on Friday, 1st March 2024 will be available for withdrawal on Monday, 4th March 2024.
  • F & O credits and intra-day profit from the equity segment from 1st March 2024 will not be included in the available margin on 2nd March 2024.
  • No payout will be processed on 2nd and 3rd of March 2024.
  • All withdrawal requests placed from Friday, 1st March 2024 the evening till Monday, 4th March 2024 by 7 AM will be processed and credited on Monday, 4th March 2024 by 11 AM.
  • MTF settlement will be accepted till 8 PM.

For Risk related information, please note 

  • Margin shortage square-off will be done as normal
  • 80% MTM square off will be also as normal
  • There will be NO Projected risk,  MTF shortage, Ageing, and CUSA square-off for 2nd March 2024

Market Open On Saturday 2 March 2024 For Trading, please note

  • All AMO orders on Friday will be processed on Saturday’s first hour, instead of Monday.
  • Currency and Commodity (MCX) markets will stay closed.
  • From 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM, there will be normal trading. There will be no activity between 10 AM and 11:15 AM
    • Users will be unable to place any orders during this time. Any orders placed in session-1 will be responded to with an error message.
    • Any open orders from session-1 will be canceled before session-2.
    • During the transition process of moving from the primary to the DR site, there is a chance that executed trades will be canceled. If this occurs, the positions you closed in the first session will reopen, and you will have to close the position once more in the second session. (Refer: NSE Circular)
  • 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM trading will resume as per normal markets again (pre-market + market) but from the DR site.
  • Intraday orders will not be allowed for the day.
  • BTST will not be allowed which means stock purchases on Friday, 1st March 2024  will not be allowed to be sold on special trading session on Saturday, 2nd March 2024.
  • GTT orders will not be triggered.
  • Orders of Stock SIP will not be executed.

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Market Open On Saturday 2 March 2024 exchange canceled trades

Please note the order status might show the wrong status for exchange canceled trades.

The special live trading session with the intra-day switchover from the Primary site to the Disaster Recovery site protects the exchange’s operations from unforeseen circumstances that might interfere with regular trading operations.

You can reach us at our support lines from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM by email at [email protected]

Refer: BSE Circular NSE Circular | Disaster Recovery FAQs 

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