How Many Days To Open Demat Account

A Demat account, short for the dematerialized account, is an account used to hold financial securities like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs in electronic format. Demat accounts allow investors to conveniently buy and sell securities without dealing with physical certificates.

When an investor buys shares, the shares are credited to their Demat account in dematerialized form through electronic credit instead of receiving physical certificates. All transactions like buying, selling, or transferring of shares are reflected in the Demat account.

How Many Days To Open Demat Account

Benefits of a Demat Account

Difference from Trading Account

A trading account is used to place buy and sell orders for securities and execute transactions. A Demat account is required to settle these transactions by receiving or transferring shares in electronic form.

The two accounts work together to allow seamless investing and trading in the stock markets. An investor needs to have both a trading account and a Demat account.

How Many Days To Open a Demat Account: Why Choose Angel Broking for a Demat Account?

Angel Broking is one of the leading stockbrokers in India offering a fast and seamless process to open a Demat account in just 2-3 days. Here are some of the key reasons to consider Angel Broking for opening your Demat account:

Competitive Pricing

Range of Demat account options

Advanced trading platforms

Access powerful trading platforms like Angel BEE, Angel SpeedPro, and Angel iTrade via the Demat account. Execute orders swiftly across segments.

Smooth online account opening

Open a Demat account fully online by uploading eKYC documents, completing IPV, and making digital payments. No need to visit the branch.

Fast account activation

Angel Broking offers an industry-leading turnaround time of just 2-3 days for Demat account activation after the completion of formalities.

Dedicated support

Get 24×7 assistance from a skilled customer support team for any queries related to opening, operating, or transferring your Demat account.

Digital conveniences

Manage your Demat seamlessly via online access and mobile app. Features like online funds transfers, online statements, and DP-to-DP transfers add to the convenience.

Safe and secure

Robust encryption, data security, and paperless processes ensure the safety of your documents and investments in the Demat account.

How Many Days To Open Demat Account

Eligibility Criteria for Opening a Demat Account

To open a Demat account with Angel Broking, you must meet the following eligibility criteria set by SEBI and CDSL/NSDL:

Age Limit

Residency Status

PAN Card Requirement

Types of Accounts for Different Investors

So in summary, as long as you meet the age, residency, and PAN card requirements, you can open the appropriate type of Demat account with Angel Broking based on your investor status. The process is quick and hassle-free.

Documents Required for Angel Broking Demat Account

To open a Demat account with Angel Broking, you need to submit certain KYC documents for verification and compliance with regulatory requirements. Here are the key documents needed:

So in summary, the key KYC documents are:

Angel Broking also has a simplified eKYC process wherein your details can be verified online through Aadhaar saving you from the lengthy paper-based documentation. However, you still need to submit a physical copy of your canceled cheque leaf from the linked bank account.

How to Open a Demat Account with Angel Broking Online

Opening a Demat account with Angel Broking online is a quick and convenient process that can be completed in just a few steps:

How Many Days To Open Demat Account In Angle One

  1. Visit the Angel Broking website and click on ‘Open Demat Account‘ on the homepage. This will take you to the account opening page.
  2. Select account type – Choose between regular or basic services Demat account based on your needs.
  3. Fill out the online application form – Enter your details, bank account information, contact details, etc in the required fields.
  4. Upload documents – You need to upload scanned copies of your PAN card, Aadhaar card, passport-size photo, and canceled cheque leaf/bank statement for proof of bank account.
  5. Make payment Pay the account opening charges and AMC fees through net banking, UPI, or debit/credit card to complete the application process.
  6. Verify your details – Angel Broking will verify the details provided by you in the application form along with the documents.
  7. Account activation – Once your details are verified, Angel Broking will open your Demat account and send you the account credentials through email and SMS within 1-2 working days.
  8. Start trading! You can now log in to your Angel Broking trading account using the credentials and link it to your new Demat account to start investing in stocks and securities electronically.

The entire process is paperless and can be completed online without needing to visit the branch if you have all the required documents handy. This enables quick and hassle-free Demat account opening with Angel Broking within 2-3 days.

How to Open a Demat Account Offline at Angel Broking Branch

You can visit your nearest Angel Broking branch to open a Demat account in person. Angel Broking has over 270 branches across India located in major cities.

How Many Days To Open Demat Account In Angle One

To open a Demat account offline, you need to:

Overall, opening a Demat account at the Angel Broking branch may take 30-45 minutes if you carry all the documents. This allows for a quick account opening and instant activation. You also get assistance from the branch staff during the process.

Demat Account Activation and Setup

Once you have submitted all the required documents and completed the account opening process, your Demat account with Angel Broking will be activated within 2-3 business days.

The activation process involves the following steps:

Angel Broking aims to complete this entire process and activate your Demat account within 48-72 hours from the time of the successful submission of documents.

After your Demat account is activated, you need to link it to a trading account to start trading. At Angel Broking, you can seamlessly link your Demat account to an existing trading account or open a new trading account.

Once your Demat and trading accounts are linked, you need to provide your Core Banking Details like bank account number, IFSC code, etc. This allows you to seamlessly transfer funds between your bank account and Angel Broking accounts for trading and investments.

With your Demat account activated and linked to a trading account, you are all set to start your investment journey with Angel Broking! The entire process from opening your Demat to making your first trade takes just 3-4 business days.

Nomination Facility in Demat Account

Opening a demat account also involves the important but often overlooked process of nominating a beneficiary who can claim the securities held in the Demat account in case of the death of the original account holder.

How Many Days To Open Demat Account In Angle One

Process of Nominating a Beneficiary

Rules and Regulations for Nomination

No Nomination for Minors

Overall, the nomination is an important part of the demat account opening process with Angel Broking. Proper nomination ensures the smooth transfer of holdings to the intended beneficiary.

Transferring Existing Demat Account to Angel Broking

If you already have a Demat account with another broker and wish to transfer it to Angel Broking, the process is quick and easy. Here are the steps to transfer your existing Demat account:


To initiate the transfer process, you need to submit the following documents at your nearest Angel Broking branch:


The entire account transfer process is free of cost and hassle-free. Angel Broking’s dedicated relationship managers will assist you throughout the transition.

How Many Days To Open Demat Account In Angle One

How Many Days To Open Demat Account: FAQs on Angel Broking Demat Account Opening

What is the process to open a Demat account with Angel Broking?

The process to open a Demat account with Angel Broking is quick and simple. You can open an account online by visiting the Angel Broking website or mobile app and completing the online application form.

Alternatively, you can visit any Angel Broking branch and submit the account opening form along with KYC documents. The account opening process is fully digital and paperless.

How many days does it take to open a Demat account with Angel Broking?

Angel Broking prides itself on its fast Demat account opening turnaround time. You can expect your Demat account to be opened within 2-3 working days after the successful submission of documents and application form.

The account activation is also swift, allowing you to start trading within a couple of days.

What are the charges for opening a Demat account with Angel Broking?

Angel Broking offers highly competitive pricing for Demat accounts. Opening a regular Demat account is completely free – there is zero account opening charge. For high-volume traders, there are AMC plans available starting at Rs. 400 per year. Additional charges apply for transactions, but overall, Angel Broking offers very cost-effective plans.

What documents do I need to open a Demat account with Angel Broking?

The KYC documents required are:

Additionally, you may need to submit Form 16 or income proof if you are opening an account with higher exposure limits.

Can I open a joint Demat account with Angel Broking?

Yes, Angel Broking offers the facility to open joint Demat accounts. The process is the same as opening an individual account. The Form needs to be signed by both joint holders along with the submission of KYC for both. The bank account linked to the Demat must mention both joint holders.

How do I transfer my existing Demat account to Angel Broking?

You can initiate an account transfer by filling out the Demat Account Transfer Form available on Angel Broking’s website. The transfer process is very streamlined and your account will seamlessly transfer within 3-4 weeks. Angel Broking’s customer support will help you through this transition.

What is the minimum balance to open a Demat account with Angel Broking?

There is no minimum balance requirement for opening a regular Demat account with Angel Broking. You can start your investment journey without needing a large upfront deposit. However, exposure limits are defined based on account balance.

Does Angel Broking offer a paperless Demat account opening?

Yes, Angel Broking offers a completely digital and paperless Demat account opening facility. You can complete the entire KYC verification and account opening process online without any physical paperwork. This makes the process very quick and convenient.

How do I track the status of my Demat account opening application?

You can easily track your Demat account opening status by logging into your Angel Broking account online. The status will reflect each step as your application is processed. You will also receive email and SMS notifications on your registered contact details on your application status.

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